Oh noe, failed spell D:

Hair: Luna {w/wand} – Blues. ~ Very Soon! @ Wizarding Faire
Necklace: Snitch Necklace/Gold – !TLB ~ Very Soon! @ Wizarding Faire
Outfit: House Dress/Lion – !TLB ~ Very Soon! @ Wizarding Faire
Scarf: Female HoL Robe Scarf [LoPo]~ Very Soon! @ Wizarding Faire
Book Held: Innocuous Charms Book – STRIKE IT ~ Very Soon! @ Wizarding Faire
Other background accesories;
Mascot Plush ~ Pomona the Badger – [L]
~ Very Soon! @ Wizarding Faire
Potioneer Set ~ Alchemy Book – .random.Matter. ~ Very Soon! @ Wizarding Faire
Potioneer Set ~ Cauldron – .random.Matter. ~ Very Soon! @ Wizarding Faire


The Aristo Event :D

I’m happy to announce that we have yet another amazing event coming to you this weekend. The Aristo event also is a short meaning of Aristocrats, a broad term that usually refers to people that a particular social order considers the highest social class of that society. Therefore the items sold on that event are also as classy as their name goes. Be sure to check them out soon! TP to the : ARISTO event
Eyes: Glimmer eyes -Reef- [UMEBOSHI]
Lipstick: Watergloss Lips -Rosypink- [UMEBOSHI]
Hair: Jezebel vbangs blondes +Spellbound+
Earrings & Necklace: Rosette {Secret Love} .Only @ ARISTO event
Headpiece: War of the roses Diadem (Silver) –[TN] .Only @ ARISTO event
Dress: Amaranth Gothic Gown (Blood) {MOEKO} .Only @ ARISTO event

You can be a wizard too! soon @ Wizarding Faire

Are you ready to begin this journey with me?
Calling all the Harry Potter fans to come and experience being a wizard student like in the film, adapted from the book in the sim, Mischief Managed! If you are still new towards roleplaying, that’s okay 😀 you can still come and visit or wait with me for the upcoming event hosted by them called the Wizarding Faire. Sounds very exciting right? If you want to know more, be sure to visit their website: Mischief Managed Website
You can also visit their sim here: Mischief Managed Sim
So, what are you waiting for? lets go!

Hair: La Bella Donna (Enchanting Brunettes) – Clawtooth *Coming soon @ the Wizarding Faire
Outfit (Hat, Cape, Top, Skirt, Shoes): Beauxbatons Uniform, French witch capelet and hat – Orange*Pekoe *Coming soon @ the Wizarding Faire
Wand: Fantasy Wand Eternia Pink – [KRAVE/Strike it] *Coming soon @ the Wizarding Faire
Accessory: Deathly Ring Silver – [PURR] *Coming soon @ the Wizarding Faire

Skin: Daya (caramel) Noir – ((=alterego=)) Only @ omgacha – July 10th 2015
Hair: 42 light reds – Analog Dog
Neckpiece: Chain Necklace Black – .DirtyStories. – Only @ Suicide Dollz Event!
Armpiece: Bullets Armband Silver – .DirtyStories. – Only @ Suicide Dollz Event!
Top: Seether Corset White – [N] – Only @ Suicide Dollz Event!
Bottom: Seether Pants Black – [N] – Only @ Suicide Dollz Event!
Shoes: Sierra black skull – .::Supernatural::. – Only @ Suicide Dollz Event!
Tattoo: Mhelynda TATTOO – SOURIRES TATTOOS. – Only @ Suicide Dollz Event!

What I love about shopping for Hilly Halan’s clothes are that most of them usually comes in a set! talk about the ease of buyers! Sometimes, we’re not that good in styling or finding piece by pieces, eventhough its fun to find different items to mix and match, it could also be time consuming when you have to pop into your family’s teatime, or having casual meeting with friends. Eventhough HH’s clothes are usually in a set, when you buy many different sets together, you can mix and match! the prices are also very reasonable thus made it one of the favourite shop of many SL members 🙂
However, you can find the outfit in the picture above exclusively on the event called SL Vogue. It’ll be coming soon and it sounds like a very fashionable event!

Hair: Omegha Hair .EMBW.
Outfit (Heels, Shorts, Shirt and Cardigan): Salma Boho Outfit – [hh]
Soon! @ SL Vogue


Hair: “Giz” (Type A) (Topaz) – D!va
Mask: Jester Mask (black)- ~Chimeric Arts & Fashions~ – Only @ Fairplay Event
Dress: Maisie Fuchsia – Dead Dollz – Only @ Event@1st
Tattoo: Music Box (Pink) – [White~Widow] – Only @ Event@1st
Shoulder pads: Soul Hunter Rose Shoulder Pads – .DirtyStories. – Only @ Fairplay Event
Hand Accessory: Vite Cuffs – {POSH PIXELS} – Only @ Fairplay Event
Choker: Vite Collar – {POSH PIXELS} – Only @ Fairplay Event
Mouth accessory: NEEDLE – blackLiquid – Only @ Event@1st
Shoes: Sunshine Wedges [Black] – [Stitched] – Soon! @ Fashiontropic by iNOVARE

Going into battle.

Wearing these clothing makes me feel like an arch angel fighting to save the world, these items were beautifully made by very talented designers
You can check them out at the events that was opened only yesterday, Fairplay & Event@1st! xo have fun shopping~!

Headgear: ~Tay Helmet – !:Lybra:! – Only @ Event@1st
Hair: Sumi [Blonde 1] RARE – pr!tty
Little crown: Lost Crown (black) – .DirtyStories. – Only @ Fairplay Event
Necklace: Sweet Bee Necklace – Astralia – Only @ Event@1st
Dress: Vampire Crusades Dress – ImmateriA – Only @ Fairplay Event
Belt: Triple Chain Belt – BELLE EPOQUE – Only @ Fairplay Event
Katana: Mandragora Pose + Katana – *FN*
Boots: Combat Boots – PREY – Only @ Event@1st
Pants + pants ornaments – Eyelets, Lace, Purrrfected, Ribbons – PREY – Only @ Event@1st


Hello again lovelies! I hope you are doing very well in your daily life 🙂 I have some exciting news to share with you! Right now Event@1st are having super cute anime (Yes, you read me right, ANIME) themed items 100% original made by their fantastic designers! So for fellow anime fans out there, this event a is must for you to check out or you might just regret it! Right now I’m just soo in love with the cute painted top with the fur high waisted skirt. Its not something you can easily find in every day shop!

Top & Skirt: Miyazaki Kodama top black paint – (BYRNE) Only at Event@1st
Hair: Beth Group Gift – +Elua+
Shoes: Platform Shoes – Bodhi Only at Event@1st
Pose: Misaki 5 – KaTink Only at Event@1st