The Aristo Event :D

I’m happy to announce that we have yet another amazing event coming to you this weekend. The Aristo event also is a short meaning of Aristocrats, a broad term that usually refers to people that a particular social order considers the highest social class of that society. Therefore the items sold on that event are also as classy as their name goes. Be sure to check them out soon! TP to the : ARISTO event
Eyes: Glimmer eyes -Reef- [UMEBOSHI]
Lipstick: Watergloss Lips -Rosypink- [UMEBOSHI]
Hair: Jezebel vbangs blondes +Spellbound+
Earrings & Necklace: Rosette {Secret Love} .Only @ ARISTO event
Headpiece: War of the roses Diadem (Silver) –[TN] .Only @ ARISTO event
Dress: Amaranth Gothic Gown (Blood) {MOEKO} .Only @ ARISTO event


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