You can be a wizard too! soon @ Wizarding Faire

Are you ready to begin this journey with me?
Calling all the Harry Potter fans to come and experience being a wizard student like in the film, adapted from the book in the sim, Mischief Managed! If you are still new towards roleplaying, that’s okay 😀 you can still come and visit or wait with me for the upcoming event hosted by them called the Wizarding Faire. Sounds very exciting right? If you want to know more, be sure to visit their website: Mischief Managed Website
You can also visit their sim here: Mischief Managed Sim
So, what are you waiting for? lets go!

Hair: La Bella Donna (Enchanting Brunettes) – Clawtooth *Coming soon @ the Wizarding Faire
Outfit (Hat, Cape, Top, Skirt, Shoes): Beauxbatons Uniform, French witch capelet and hat – Orange*Pekoe *Coming soon @ the Wizarding Faire
Wand: Fantasy Wand Eternia Pink – [KRAVE/Strike it] *Coming soon @ the Wizarding Faire
Accessory: Deathly Ring Silver – [PURR] *Coming soon @ the Wizarding Faire


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