I’m sure we often find that we could relate to each other;

1. Our love for shopping

2. Our obsession for mesh hair/clothes/shoes

I still find it incredible how shopping in second life could relieve SO MUCH stress. The hair in the picture is one of the new hair produced by BESOM called Ky J, I love love hair that covers my other eye, because it shows the aura of mystery. The colour are mixed of purple + pink + blonde which caused me to hyperventilate on the background for sometime (which delayed my picture taking) on how beautiful it looked. The gorgeous dress is by the famous mesh formal clothing designer Dead Dollz. I wasn’t sure when I was into purple, but I suddenly find myself to buy products that has purple as the main colour, maybe because it looks especially lovely on these meshes! c:


Anyhow, have a great day everyone ❤

Style Card:
Head piece: Head Accessory Ice Berries [stars] – *LODE*
Hair: Ky J (Fade Dye) – Besom
Bracelet: Soothe Bracelet Silver – [BREATHE]
Earring: B.Frills Pink Rubin Earring – Swallow
Dress: Vita Chamber Purple Gown – Dead Dollz


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