More cute items from Kowai Kawaii <3

Hello everyone 🙂 I’ve been having evil internet problems, hopefully that it will be recovered soon but due to some circumstances it might not :/ but! I will still be able to go to places with wifi to fulfill my obligation as a blogger towards all the lovely designers ❤ I missed my family terribly though, I hope they’re doing well even when I couldn’t be there.

Anyhow, enough that. Kowai Kawaii event has started not too long ago and there are many wonderful adorable (and kinda creepy) items! I can’t even begin with, so you should go and check the wonderful event out! ❤

Eyes: Blissfull Eyes – Cupid – A.G
Hat: Strawberry hat – Belles Parisiennes @ KOWAI KAWAII
Shoes: Strawberry heels – Belles Parisiennes @ KOWAI KAWAII
Outfit: Dragovar Romper – EMPORIUM @ KOWAI KAWAII
Hair: Hair Anime Kowai – Lights – [K Z S] @ KOWAI KAWAII


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