For me, all I want is a family whom I can connect with, without feeling forced. I’ve accepted the fact that maybe I just haven’t found the right one. Good families are hard to come by, I am most traumatized by single dads as I have experienced the worst which gave a bad name for other single dad’s (I’m sure you guys are awesome) So I was almost going to forget it since I’ve just had the most incredible new family (the ΑΦΣ) and not to mention my forever sister so that is enough to keep me occupied for the moment.

But then todayy, at the most unexpected time, one awesome lady liked my panel. :O After knowing who my possible sibling could be, my heart opened up for the try again. So far it has been pretty awesome, something to look forward to, something to not let go. I hope that the outcome would turn out good because my potato heart is readyyy ;D



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