Skin change ツ

I have always wanted the try VCO skins but never had the chance, and the right shape to. After hours of trying demos and adjusting the shape, I have finally found the skin that I love!


I am so excited to be in Edgewood Prep School! there are so much interesting things to join and wonderful people to talk to. Hopefully I would be more involved and update things about it throughout this blog. Classes haven’t started yet but so far we were given the chance to look through the list of clubs that we are interested in. The clubs including the newer ones are pretty well thought off and surely each and every one of them would be very entertaining! I shall wait patiently 😀

Style card:

Skin & Lips: VCO

Hair: Girl *39 Mocha – Dura

Uniform: School – Line Blazer – *Edelweiss

Ribbon: School – Line Ribbon – *Edelweiss


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