Just saying hello :3

So I found this really awesome pastries shop in the sim where the new .Olive shop is in! Its truly amazing picture worthy! I’ll take more pictures of the scenery there sooon! They even have this cool duck ride where you can ride through the water to get to the other shops, not to mention the whole sim are filled with the cutest girly shops!! ❤ Snapshot_593

Stylecard: (Soon.)



For me, all I want is a family whom I can connect with, without feeling forced. I’ve accepted the fact that maybe I just haven’t found the right one. Good families are hard to come by, I am most traumatized by single dads as I have experienced the worst which gave a bad name for other single dad’s (I’m sure you guys are awesome) So I was almost going to forget it since I’ve just had the most incredible new family (the ΑΦΣ) and not to mention my forever sister so that is enough to keep me occupied for the moment.

But then todayy, at the most unexpected time, one awesome lady liked my panel. :O After knowing who my possible sibling could be, my heart opened up for the try again. So far it has been pretty awesome, something to look forward to, something to not let go. I hope that the outcome would turn out good because my potato heart is readyyy ;D


The joy as a student ^-^

Hi again lovelies, its been more than 2 weeks I have been a student of Edgewood Preparatory School, and I felt like I have achieved so much! The education is not only fun (there’s no math guys!) it also encourages you to enhance your role playing skills. Despite of not being a good role player and surrounded by role play community, they have honestly never made you feel left out unless, you weren’t going along with the classes and fun! I gave up on schools in SL due to the drama that it brings, but I’m glad that I took a chance to be a part of this experience, it is completely different as what was judged from the community that wasn’t in it. I am proud to be a student here!

The picture below are right outside of the dormitories! 😀


SL Viewer: Not bad!

I’ve been struggling with firestorm in a while now as I think it looked a little bit blurry on my PC which after a series of crashes, I gave up and tried the second life viewer. Not only that it loads on low connection, the shadows are also more..vibrant and darker (Yas I was standing right in front of a tree, forgive me), its so easy to take beautiful pictures with the SL viewer! Maybe Internet Explorer would work the same 😉


Stylecard: (Soon)

Lantern corner :3

I was again going from shops to shop trying out demos to add in my inventory collection when I saw this little corner at the M.Birdie shop. Which then reminded me about the upcoming Edgewood’s Campfire event! Jamie and I are looking forward to going together, hopefully we could get enough bug sprays by then before it runs out! :3



Hair: Selenia (Dark Red) – MINA Hair

Outfit: Shirt Layered Turtleeck + hat – AMITOMO

Skin change ツ

I have always wanted the try VCO skins but never had the chance, and the right shape to. After hours of trying demos and adjusting the shape, I have finally found the skin that I love!


I am so excited to be in Edgewood Prep School! there are so much interesting things to join and wonderful people to talk to. Hopefully I would be more involved and update things about it throughout this blog. Classes haven’t started yet but so far we were given the chance to look through the list of clubs that we are interested in. The clubs including the newer ones are pretty well thought off and surely each and every one of them would be very entertaining! I shall wait patiently 😀

Style card:

Skin & Lips: VCO

Hair: Girl *39 Mocha – Dura

Uniform: School – Line Blazer – *Edelweiss

Ribbon: School – Line Ribbon – *Edelweiss